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What is EverythingBenz?

EverythingBenz lets you use Google to search the rich information and advice shared by the amazing Mercedes-Benz owners community on the web. We provide a human editorial layer along with additional technology on top of Google's industry leading search functionality in order to tailor our search results to the needs of Mercedes owners like you. Our editors comb the web to include only the best Mercedes-Benz pages in our index, and we constantly analyze search queries from Mercedes owners to ensure that our site gives you the best results across many sites, not just one forum.

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How is this different than searching the different Mercedes forums?

  • ALL-IN-ONE: Why search in 5 different places when you can search them all (and more) at once? You might just find the most helpful information in a place you otherwise might not have looked. Think of it as casting a wider net for the solution to your problem.
  • FORUMS + WEBSITES: Some of the best information about your Mercedes can be found on individual websites, not on the Mercedes forums. You will find small, individual websites from Mercedes owners in our results along with larger sites and postings on the many different web forums.
  • ADVANCED GOOGLE TECHNOLOGY: Google is known the world over as the leader in search technology. We've created a site to help you harness the power of that technology to find what you are looking for faster. While you may still find it helpful to search the forums directly, EverythingBenz is now another tool and a different method to aid in your search.
  • SEARCH AIDS: Searching for terms like AC compressor will return results for A/C compressor, air conditioning compressor, and more. Speedo also returns speedometer. Centre also returns center. Plus, we provide Mercedes specific tools like related searches and search tips that guide you in searching for Benz information.

How is this different than searching Google?

  • NO SPAM: One of the most daunting challenges Google must combat is spam sites in search results that are not relevant to what you are looking for. Also, many commercial sites invest heavily in search engine optimization techniques to boost their page rankings. These pages then clutter the search results on Google and other search engines, making it harder for you to find the rich information you're looking for from other Mercedes owners. These sites do not appear in our results.
  • FILTERED, HAND PICKED RESULTS: EverythingBenz search results have been filtered by hand to give you only the best resources with helpful information about your Mercedes-Benz. We've even filtered out pages within the sites included (for example, we don't include forum index pages - we only include the postings themselves). We only include information, tips, do-it-yourself procedures, and other help from other Mercedes owners which have been posted on the web or in Mercedes-oriented discussion forums.
  • HUMANS + COMPUTERS: Our editors constantly analyze search queries and results to look for ways to better help you find the information that you're looking for. We love computers, but sometimes there just isn't a replacement for having real life human help on top of the technology.
  • MERCEDES TOOLS: EverythingBenz provides tools to help you use the power of Google technology to uncover Mercedes information, such as Mercedes "refinement" links appearing on top of the search results, and Mercedes search tips (try searching for "1997 E420" or "command" with two m's).
  • EVERYTHING BENZ: Since everything in our index is Mercedes oriented, you don't even need to include the term "mercedes" in your search! Try searching for "shocks" on Google, then try it on EverythingBenz. This gives the terms you're interested in more weight in your search.

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